Ramadan Mubarak! Blessed Ramadan!

Steph Armstrong
Staff Reporter

Barry’s Bay — Ramadan is one of the most significant and sacred months in the Islamic calendar. It is observed by millions of Muslims worldwide as a time of reflection, spiritual growth, and self-discipline.
This month is a time of deep spirituality and devotion, where Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset for the entire month. Ramadan is also a time of prayer, introspection, and charity.

Fatima Adams, local entrepreneur and owner of Eve’s Escape Spa & Wellness Centre in Barry’s Bay, explained how both her Islamic faith and the local community have been instrumental in many of her business endeavours:

“Internal success, spiritual success, and physical well-being [are] so important in our religion and our culture— it’s important in our family to really take care of oneself, inwardly and outwardly … that’s probably where my passion for the whole spa industry came about,” Adams asserted.

She added, “Barry’s Bay is my home, and this is where I grew up … my parents moved here when I was eight. My mother was actually a Catholic and my father was an Anglican [but] they both converted to Islam … they’re from the Caribbean—St. Kitts and Trinidad—they were used to a slower pace of life in general. Country living is like island living, so it’s how we ended up here and I’m grateful for that every day.”

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