“Black Wednesday”: Zurakowski Park’s Avro Arrow is grounded for repairs

Steph Armstrong
Staff Reporter

Barry’s Bay — You might have noticed a marked absence at the corner of Opeongo Line and Kelly St.
The scale model of the CF-105 Avro Arrow located in Zurakowski Park was removed on Wed., April 12, 2023, for repairs and possibly a new coat of paint.

“We noticed that there were some drifting of water [and] it looked like there were a couple of holes. The thing is made out of fiberglass, and wood and if there’s water within the wood, it could destroy it … so we thought we better do something about it before it gets worse,” explained Mary-Rose Dawes, Chair of the Zurakowski Park Board.

“We’re hoping for the plane to be down for a month … it would be very nice to have it up for the summer season because the park is very busy with tourists,” but at this point, no one has been confirmed for the repair job, Dawes said. “I have the name of someone but I don’t really want to say who until we have assurance that he will be able to do it.”

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