Mayor Mayville hosts first open house, more to come

Olivia Joerges
Staff Reporter

Killaloe — On Saturday, Jan. 14 Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Mayor David Mayville hosted his first Open House at the Killaloe Village Pharmacy (I.D.A). The open house welcomed anybody from the community to meet at the I.D.A to speak with Mayville about any concerns they may have.

According to Mayville, community members were eager to speak with him about various topics of concern, with some residents arriving before the open house started.

“This is part of the foundation of the township,” Mayville said, explaining that these open houses are an important part of the township’s dialogue with the public, “They [the community] feel a lot more
comfortable here.”

Mayville’s goal for the open house was to create a comfortable space for dialogue between residents and council, without township formalities.

Many residents attended the open house, and brought concerns to Mayville regarding local roads, wells and water levels, property standards, and economic growth.

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