Year-round project for youth put forth by CRC

KILLALOE – Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) Township council met on the evening of February 18 for its regularly scheduled meeting.

The Community Resource Centre (CRC) in Killaloe will have a new year-round program for youths aged eight to 16, thanks to a grant received from the Ontario Sport & Recreation Communities Fund (OSPCF).

“This is an opportunity to make this program really have an impact in Killaloe and the surrounding area, and the surrounding townships as well,” Bil Smith, director of the CRC shared.

The program will run for the next couple of years and will be in three parts.

The first part is to run after-school programs for three different age groups on three different nights of the week.

The CRC will also continue to run a PA day program when the kids off school, where a bus will be used to take the children to various locations in the area such as the Kinsmen pool, the Pembroke Memorial Centre and Round Lake Recreation Park, to name a few.

Finally, during the summer they are looking to run a day camp option. The day camp would be run three times during July and August, one for each of the three different age groups each month.

The age groups they are looking at are eight to 12 years, 11 to 13 years, and 14 to 16 years old.

“The objective of the grant is to teach young people the fundamental movement skills that are required to attain physical literacy, and that’s according to the Canadian Sport for Life Foundation,” Cheryl Kauffeldt, CRC youth programmer, said.

Kauffeldt went on to explain that the activities will benefit young people in learning the fundamental skills necessary to play hockey or excel in basketball, for instance; sports that will help them be active for life, which is the overall goal.

When people learn the skills at a young age it is proving that it will carry forward into their adult lives, she explained.

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