Washboard Hank and Ken Ramsden reunion

BARRY’S BAY – The lawn was turned into a parking lot for the reunion of a pair of high school friends on Friday evening. More than 50 squeezed into a local home to see our own Ken Ramsden perform with the delightfully funny eccentric Washboard Hank. The pair met at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School on the east side of Peterborough in the 1970s. “Ken was an early Donald Trump, actually. He totally won the student election by complete [BS] and crazy tactics. He became the student president,” said Washboard Hank. While Ken was an entertaining politician that is not what won Washboard Hank over. “I remember seeing him on the stage doing a Sha Na Na impersonation …They were a grease ball band. I was totally blown away by how good Ken was on stage. He was just funny as hell.” The pair became good friends. Washboard Hank explains the part Ken played on Hank’s road to fame on the washboard. To read the full story, pick up a copy of the August 15 Valley Gazette.