Ukrainians settling in the area are grateful for local support


Madawaska Valley – According to a BBC report citing the UN as its source, “More than 14 million people are thought to have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…More than six million have left for neighbouring countries, while eight million people are displaced inside the war-torn country itself.” A small number of those displaced people have started arriving in the Madawaska Valley and have been welcomed with open arms by local residents. One of the key organizers behind the effort to help Ukrainians settle in the area is Tetyana Moiseyeva.

Moiseyeva’s response to the war was immediate and has included sending much needed supplies and money to those living in some of Ukraine’s hardest hit areas. Now she is garnering support to help settle people in the area who have managed to make it out of Ukraine. The Valley Gazette caught up with the energetic volunteer via phone and email to find out how things are going in the early days of helping Ukrainians to resettle in the area.

When asked about the challenges she has face so far, Moiseyeva replied, “The biggest challenge for myself was how quickly and big my contributions expanded. At first, I had planned to donate my own money to close family in need, and help with refugee and visiting visa passports. As soon as people started to hear about what I was doing, everything became more. More people were contributing money. More people were bringing in donations to send to the people directly. More companies became involved in donating both physical supplies, and financial [aid]. My house became full of more boxes. More of my time had gone from my own job and time with my family, to sorting and packing donations, making lists of needs, financial tasks, posting, sharing, emails, interviews, to even having a lady come live with us.”

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