Twinning initiative opens the great Kashub/Polish debate

BARRY’S BAY – A letter written by the mayor of Madawaska Valley to the mayor of Lipusz, Poland caused some tension at the council table last week.

The issue was first raised by Councillor Carl Bromwich at the September 19 council meeting, where the mayor was not present due to other commitments. Although the letter was not on council’s agenda that night, Bromwich brought it up while reviewing the recommendations from the recreation, heritage and culture committee meeting.

He voiced his concerns, indicating that the letter was out of line with the township’s twinning initiative with the community overseas. He said parts of the letter seemed political in nature.

The issue was discussed again later that week – this time on the agenda for the finance and administration committee on September 21. However, it was listed as a discussion for the closed portion of the meeting. All members of council sit on the finance and administration committee.

Bromwich asked for the item to be taken out of closed and brought into the public section of the meeting.

“This is a human resources issue,” Mayor Kim Love warned. “It is about an identifiable individual.”

She said when volunteers were discussed in the past, it was done in a closed meeting.

“However I am perfectly willing to move it into open if that’s what committee prefers and discuss it in open,” she said.

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