Truckers pay funeral tribute

EGANVILLE – A lengthy funeral procession gathered along Jane Street in Eganville early on December 9.

As part of the procession, big rigs filled the arena parking lot and spilled over along the street. The drivers had come to pay their respects to John Culp, a transportation company owner and church leader, who died on December 1 in a trucking accident near Deacon along Highway 60.   

The trucks started to gather in Eganville at 9 a.m. for a 10 a.m. departure.

The trucking convoy was organized by Tim Schison who also runs a trucking business and got his start with John Culp.

Schison said he wanted to organize the convoy because Culp had died on the job.

“He lost his life on duty,” Schison explained.

“[Those of us] in the trucking community have to stick together and realize we’re all doing a service, everyday, for our friends, family and the community. We’ve got to come together,” Schison said.”In the trucking industry there is no higher rank than the one John Culp had. There’s so much respect. I think it’s deserved.”

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