Township proposing new turn lane at main intersection

Robert Fisher
Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – Council for the Township of Madawaska Valley, at its Feb. 6 meeting, discussed a proposal to realign the intersection from Highway 62 onto Highway 60. The report from Operations Manager Hilary Kutchcoskie referred to the plan as a, “right turn taper.” The project will require a contribution of $175,000 from Renfrew County to cover part of the cost of the project.

Coun. Shelley Maika, chair of the roads and waste management committee said, “it is very treacherous at that three-way stop so any improvements that potentially can be made there are, I think, a very big benefit for the community.”

Perspective Engineering prepared a traffic study at the intersection and rejected full right turn lanes due to space. Instead, the project proposes to adjust the radius of the intersection to make it easier for large trucks to turn south off Highway 60 and to turn east from Highway 62. In a four-day period from July 14, 2023 through July 17, 2023, a daily average of 8,420 vehicles passed through the intersection. Two per cent of the vehicles were listed as “Trailer” and 95 per cent was car, pickup or motorcycle traffic.
Perspective estimates the project will cost $340,000, split between the county and the municipality. The municipality would apply to the provincial Connecting Link grant program for its $165,000 of the cost.

“Councillor Olsheski was reviewing the drawings and he doesn’t like the design. At all,” said Coun. Joseph Olsheski, “because you’re taking a straight road and now we’re going to have a corner in it.”

Operations Supervisor Mike Philips responded to Olsheski, saying the design is limited by the sidewalk height to prevent a step into businesses on the south side of the road.

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