The Valley loses an amazing mother

What small act of love will she inspire in you?


Quadeville — Motherhood is one of those challenging callings that these days seems to be greatly misunderstood. Motherhood is not merely another activity that one slots into an overcrowded schedule and children are not raised in between other obligations. It is a vocation of love, self-sacrifice and ongoing commitment that often means putting others first. The recent passing of Daffinee Quade reminds us all that good mothers are a treasure not only to their own families, but to the communities in which they live. Their example of devotion can spur everyone to be just a little more giving, even when times are tough.

Daffinee’s son Jonathan reiterated the self-giving nature of his mother. He said, “…she was truly a person who put everyone else first and cared about them. She never sought attention for the good she did in life but loved to help. Her joy in life was building up others and giving them the strength to carry on.”

Her care for others was not merely some surface level interaction but went much deeper. Johnathan said, “In life, we have many people who ask how we are but, in her case, she truly cared and wanted to know you were OK.”

Corwin Quade’s appreciation for his mother echoed his brother’s. He described his mother as “Generous, kind, [and] honest.” He added that she “…always looked at the positive in life, never said a bad thing about anyone.”

One of the things that Daffinee was known for was painting Christmas ornaments. Jonathan explained, “My Mother started painting to pass her winter days when her arthritis didn’t allow her to enjoy the winter outdoors activities she loved. Through this her sister in-law Joanna started her selling them as a way to pay for her hobby. It evolved into craft shows which allowed her to meet and develop great friendships with many people.  Over the years these ornaments found their way to places all over the world including Japan, Ireland and the U.S”.

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