The Manhatten Project filming on location in the Valley

COMBERMERE – Filming started at various location around the Valley on March 9 for The Manhattan Project. Several people involved with the film have long connections with the area. Adam Banish, who is first assistant director on the film said, “This area is very much embedded in my family.” Though Banish was raised in Hamilton, his grandfather grew up in Wilno. Banish with his aunts and cousins, used to camp at Carson Heights every summer. When that park closed, they cottaged on Trout Lake where the clan of 40 gather each summer. So, when he read Matthew Campanile’s script, Banish was keen to be involved. Campanile grew up in Mississauga, but spent virtually every weekend of every summer since he was in high school at his friend’s cottage on Wadsworth Lake. “It’s had a profound impact on my personality and perspective. […] You know you come out here and the things that seem so important in the city, don’t seem so important anymore. It’s the trees, it’s the quiet, spending time with friends and family, an intimate setting. It’s really shaped who I am, coming here.” Campanile is also directing the film. He studied filmmaking at Ryerson University, where he met Cesar Barbosa. Barbosa is one of the film’s producers. Part of the crew arrived here on the March 5 and filming started on March 9 for about 10 days. There are about 10 people in the crew, but some scenes require 15-20 extras. The crew and actors are staying in cottages on Wadsworth Lake and at the Balmoral Hotel in Barry’s Bay. For more pick up a copy of the March 21, paper.