St. Andrews recognizes Autism Awareness with Blue Shirt Day

KILLALOE – On April 5, students and staff from St. Andrews School in Killaloe, wore the colour blue to raise awareness for Autism. On Monday, April 2 it was world Autism Awareness Day, as recognized by the United Nations. “We have a parent who brought it to my attention a couple weeks ago and she asked that we mark it and that we celebrate all of our students and recognize everybody who has differences,” said Princpal for St. Andrews School Julie Huckabone. Since Monday was a holiday for the students, Huckabone and staff from the school decided to celebrate ‘Wear Blue for Autism Awareness Day’ on Thursday. “The staff and students really jumped on board and we decided that we would do it on a different day but really mark it and celebrate it,” said Huckabone. Huckabone said she thinks it is very important to have days like this one throughout the year to celebrate people living with Autism and to educate those who don’t live with it. For more pick up a copy of the April 11, paper.