Solo exhibits dazzle art lovers

BARRY’S BAY – The South of 60 was full of art enthusiasts on the evening of June 15.

As they enjoyed some wine and cheese at the grand opening of two exhibitions, patrons browsed several art pieces by artists Joyce Burkholder and Robert Hinchley.
The two artists’ work will be exhibited at the museum and they could not be more different.
“They compliment each other in their diversity,” curator of the museum, Anya Blake explained.
Burkholder’s series of paintings are showcased upstairs. Her exhibit is called A Personal Style, and feature a variety of work completed ‘En Plein Air,’ or, outdoor on location.
The set of paintings she chose for the exhibit encompass wilderness areas around Cormac, Wilno, Barry’s Bay and beyond.
“This whole area really interests me,” Burkholder explained. “It’s incredibly beautiful.”
Burkholder, who has been painting for more than 25 years and lives in Wilno, said it took her a long time to come up with her own personal style.
“I wanted this exhibit to be somewhat educational on how an artist develops something that is uniquely theirs. I think all artists strive for that. It’s kind of an elusive thing that we work towards,” she said. “I felt that the paintings that I chose were a good example of the style that I developed and that they represented this area and the unique qualities of this areas.”
She thinks that the entire exhibition will be a feast for the eyes.
“It’s a very interesting exhibit because downstairs is very different from upstairs,” Burkholder explained. “The work is really unique and different and entertaining.”
Story continues in the June 20 issue of The Valley Gazette.