Small change, big difference

BARRY’S BAY – A ten-year-old boy from Foymount is trying to change the world, one quarter at a time. 
Last year, Kevin Burgess was visiting his family doctor at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry’s Bay when he decided to contribute to the foundation.
He taped two quarters to a sheet of paper and followed through with his decision. Although it wasn’t much, it was all he had to give.
Foundation Director Toni Lavigne Conway met Burgess in 2012 and was touched by the little boy’s generosity. 
“He is an extraordinary young man,” she said. “He epitomizes the definition of supporter for the hospital.”
Flash forward one year later and Burgess decided to contribute again. This time, his donation had grown to $2.75. 
He collected the money from his friends and saved any coins he found during his travels. 
Although the money might not be worth much to the average adult, it really is the thought that counts, the foundation director explained.
Read more in the December 18, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.