Santa visited Combermere on the weekend

Katrina Boguski

Combermere — Santa Claus made a visit to Combermere on Saturday at an event sponsor by the recreation committee. The day was a special time for children eager to tell the big guy their Christmas wishes. As participants of the event entered the Combermere Recreation Centre, they were met with the aroma of freshly popped hot popcorn; Once up the stairs, and into the main hall, the they were treated to the spectacle of glittering Christmas trees and other decorations. It was obvious from the beauty of the display that volunteers had been decking the hall with great care for some time before the guests arrived.

Staffing the popcorn booth were volunteers Chase King and Cadence Schweig along with Madawaska Valley Township councillor Shelley Maika. While this event was clearly geared to children, the parents and grandparents in attendance were full of Christmas joy at the sight of their little ones enjoying the day.

The youngest of these guests was two-week-old Kaia Pecarskie. Her mother, Susanna Ridout, brought the baby to the event and the presence of such a young baby seemed to warm the hearts of all who saw her.

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