Riding the rapids of change, MKC extends local season to offer more for local guests

Photo courtesy of MKC

MADAWASKA VALLEY – Since the days of the early Greeks, philosophers have been reminding us that “the only constant is change.” The folks at the Madawaska Kanu Centre (MKC) have learned to apply this truth over the decades. The company has been around for almost half a century, and this year has proven to be very agile in adapting to the demands of this most unusual season.

In order to maximize the amount of time their guests can enjoy on the water this year, the MKC crew will be extending their season into the fall.

The MKC director, Stefi van Wijk, told The Valley Gazette in an email, “People want to have fun, safe and engaging outdoor experiences together this year. We have had a great season since we were able to open early July. We’ve been filling up to our new capacity of about 50 percent our capacity last year. We want to see if folks want to enjoy the river later, since they couldn’t in the spring time.”

In addition to extending several programs, the MKC riverside shop and café will remain open throughout the winter. This change has been facilitated by the fact that van Wijk, has moved to live year-round in Barry’s Bay.

This will be the first time in the centre’s long history that the facilities will be remaining open all year. The director is optimistic that the move to stay open will result in awesome water adventures long into the fall. Van Wijk said, “Since the wilderness resort isn’t entirely shutting down this year for the first time in 50 years, we hope to keep active as long in the fall as possible. For now, mid-October is the goal.”

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