Pharmasave and Manor partnership continues

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – A partnership 34 years strong will continue after the Valley Manor Nursing Home announced that Lorraine’s Pharmasave has been awarded its first-ever contract for pharmacy services.

In February, the manor sent out a request for proposals to three pharmacies. In past years, the facility has retained the services of the Bay pharmacy.

But, Administrator Linda Shulist said the manor wanted to explore its options after learning of the new increased requirements in the Long Term Care Homes Act and with Accreditation Canada that came into effect last July.

“When we were made aware of these increased requirements, that spurred us to put out a request for proposals,” Shulist said.

Some of the requirements involved the transition to the Electronic Medication Administration Record, which entails new software for both pharmacy and manor. This means there will also be changes to the manor’s medication delivery system.

All of the applications were received by the March 13 deadline, and a special committee was set up to review the proposals. It consisted of Shulist, Kathy Marion – board president, Eric Marx – board director, Gail Yantha – director of care, and medical director – Dr. Cybulskie.

After some thought, Lorraine’s Pharmasave was chosen as the successful company.
“It was a competitive process and [we] dealt with each proposal equally,” Marion said. “There was no favouritism chosen because they come from Barry’s Bay.”

While the committee won’t divulge the two other pharmacies that were considered, Marion said the local business was up against some stiff competition.

“The Valley Manor is very pleased to be able to continue our relationship with Pharmasave,” Shulist said. “We know that means increased work and increased expense for Chris [Briggs,] but he has certainly stepped up to the plate, and we are very proud and pleased that the services can be offered right here in Barry’s Bay.”

Briggs is the owner of Lorraine’s Pharmasave. He said he was pleased to find out that the partnership will continue, but there is a lot of work to still be done.

“We are essentially replacing one system with another,” he said. “It’s like any type of change. Change is always challenging.”

Story continues in the April 26th Issue of The Valley Gazette.