Performers bring Railway Station history to life

BARRY’S BAY – Residents gathered at the Railway Station on December 10 to delve deeper into local history.

Performers with the company Live History were in Barry’s Bay for two interactive performances held at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Jasmine Bowen and Jeremy Jagusch took on the roles of two very different characters; Bowen portrayed the spirit of a women who actually worked at the Railway Station decades ago, while Jagusch played a modern-day curator.

More than 12 people attended each show, which had the actors interact with the participants. Spectators had to help the actress discover who she was in a series of code-breaking activities, all while avoiding the suspicion of the curator.  

“There is always a mystery element to it,” Show Designer Joshua Kitz explained. “In this case, [the audience] will be finding some chests hidden around the venue. Each chest has a lock and the participants will have to unlock them using their clues.”

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