Open emergency road, residents plead

BARRY’S BAY – The majority of residents on the Sandhill Drive are asking the township to unblock an emergency road leading into the subdivision.

Lou Kirby, who lives on Lakeview Parkway, attended the January 13 operations committee meeting to present a petition containing the signatures of more than 100 affected ratepayers.

The emergency access in question is located on Peter Street and leads to Lakeview Parkway. The road was private for many years until it was obtained by the township.

There is only one entrance into the subdivision off of Highway 60. But Kirby said traffic could be heavy there, especially after Tim Hortons opened.

After assuming ownership, the township has gated the road off, preventing any through traffic. Kirby wrote the previous council a letter just before the election last year, asking why the road was blocked off.

Kirby said he received a letter, indicating that there was insufficient width to allow for a roadway through this emergency access. Council of the day also indicated there was no money left in the budget to develop the road.

 “I have sat on many committees over the many years, and I know that if one person comes forward with what they want, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen,” Kirby explained.

So, he went door to door to present his case to his neighbours. 

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