One year after the murders


BARRY’S BAY – This Thursday, September 22 will mark one year since three local women were taken from us far too early.

On that morning, one year ago, Basil Borutski allegedly left his apartment complex in Palmer Rapids, borrowing a neighbour’s vehicle, and is suspected to have headed to Carol Culleton’s home on Kamaniskeg Lake, Anastasia Kuzyk’s home in Wilno and Nathalie Warmerdam’s home near Foymount.

By mid-morning, dozens of police cruisers dashed through Barry’s Bay, heading to various locations across the Valley. News trickled in that three women had been found dead in their homes, reportedly murdered by the same man that they had experienced violence from, in one way or another, in the past. Court documents revealed Borutski had a violent past, with Kuzyk filing charges and a restraining order against him.

Schools and other institutions were on lock down for most of the day as police searched for the man thought to be responsible for the murders. By 2:30 p.m., however, police had located and arrested Borutski, who has been in custody ever since.

In the weeks to follow, the community hosted a vigil at Wilno Heritage Park, which was attended by thousands of people looking to pay their respects and come to terms with what had happened.

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