MV township assists food bank in rent dilemma

BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Valley Township is assisting the Madawaska Valley Food Bank as it searches for a new location.

At the regular council meeting on March 8, food bank volunteers Paul Thompson and Terry Newcombe came to the table with a donation request.

Thompson said the food bank has been in operation for 25 years, and has been located in various buildings around Barry’s Bay. It is now located at 8 Martin Street, in a garage that has served as the perfect location over the years.

Now that the building has been sold, the new owner require rent.

“They have been quite helpful in trying to come to an arrangement,” Thompson said of the new owners. “We have been able to negotiate the price down a bit. We have some support from a private donor. We are still kind of short for the amount for the rent.”

The private donor has offered $250 per month, but the food bank still needs to come up with $150 per month to cover the rest of the rent. While the food bank is hoping to come up with $75 per month, directors were hoping that the Madawaska Valley Township could also chip in $75.

“Any money that we do pay for rent is a clear takeaway from the donations that the community gives us,” Newcombe said. “Therefore, every dollar to rent is a dollar less of perishable goods that we purchase on the day of the event – fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, for people in need.”

While there is no running water in the current building, there is hydro, and the group uses a space heater to keep the building warm during the winter months. Food is stored on site and the facility is equipped with fridges and a freezer. 

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