MV Food Bank Distributes Huge Pet Food Donation

Press Release February 23, 2021

New volunteers to an organization don’t just bring new hands, they also bring new ideas. When Jenny Fitzpatrick joined the MV Food Bank, she noticed that there was seldom enough pet food available for the amount of requests coming in from clients. Knowing how valuable pets are to people’s happiness and health, especially in this pandemic, she reached out for a solution.

She found it in British Columbia, and she found it big. Petcurean is a Canadian company making organic and sustainable cat and dog foods. They have very generously shipped us 6400 pounds of top-quality pet food — that’s over three tons!

Which of course is way more than we can use before it eventually expires. So Jenny reached out to neighbouring food banks and animal rescue centres to share the bounty. As a result, over fourteen agencies across the Ottawa Valley and beyond have picked up car- and truckloads of healthy pet foods.

Why would a company make such a huge donation? Petcurean representative Christine Mallier explains: “I’m so happy that so many pets and people can be helped with the donation. It’s really awesome that you’ve got so many contacts and connections. With us being in BC, it’s much harder to know and find all of these groups that need help in other provinces. There’s only so much we can find online, and often the smaller groups who really need help don’t have much of an online presence so they’re hard to find.”

We and all our fellow agencies receiving this gift are very grateful to Petcurean. As Jenny puts it, “This is the most generous of generous gifts and will result in helping so many out there in desperate need.”

Sometimes a pandemic brings out the best in both people and businesses. You can show your thanks too by buying local – Petcurean products are sold at Cat Nap & Lazy Dog Pet Outfitters, Barry’s Bay.

For further information, please call Terry Newcombe at 613-756-3344.

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