MV Fire Department talks about importance of fire safety

BARRY’S BAY – Fire Chief, Corwin Quade and Fire Prevention Officer, David Afelskie, said that in 2017 they checked 100 homes. Of those 100 homes, only 18 per cent of them had working smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Because of these alarming stats, the Madawaska Valley Fire Department decided that they needed to host a session for community members to inform people in the community on the ways they can save their own lives.

Afelskie and Quade gave a number of tips throughout the hour and a half session in regards to fire safety.

“I was hired a year and a half ago to make people better prepared, to make them feel safe, to let them know what’s going on and tell them what smoke detectors are all about,” said Afelskie.

For more pick up a copy of the January 31, paper.