Morgan Davis takes audience on a ride in a blues time-machine

WILNO – It was a bluesy Thursday night in Wilno and Morgan Davis wasn’t about to play a normal, straight up, cookie cutter live show. The well-traveled guitarist and vocalist had the audience in the palm of his hand, from the strum of the first note, as he took listeners on a ride through the annals of time.

Playing a few different electric guitars and even a handmade cigar-box guitar, Davis showed that he had a deep knowledge of the history of blues music on June 14.
Dipping all over different eras of blues and roots, Davis’ unique live show, which balances a lot of comedic riffing and soulful instrumentation, had people dancing during the second or third song into the set.
One of his most memorable was a song about cats. The song toyed with the notion that cats are fairly lightweight when they are awake, but when asleep, they weigh several hundred tons.
The audience laughed and danced the whole of the night through his three different sets of varied sounds.
Davis attributes his learning the ropes of the blues from playing with a lot of different performers.
“My first band I’d played [with] was a band that David Wilcox had just left, and after he came back he formed his band and that’s when I joined him,” Davis said.
Showing an array of influences, and referencing a wide variety of performers from Blind Lemon Jefferson to Sammy Davis Jr., Davis forged his own unique sound at the tavern with a strong guitar-background and a mellow, tenor vocal sound
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