Monsignor Ambrose Pick celebrates 60 years with the church

BARRY’S BAY – On April 26, St. Hedwig’s Parish Church celebrated the 60th anniversary of the ordination of Monsignor Ambrose Pick.

Msgr. Pick delivered mass earlier in the morning, and as it came to a close, Father Chris Shalla took a moment to thank the Monsignor for all he has done in the parish, as well as to present him with a Papal Blessing in recognition of his 60 years of service.

“This is indeed a great honour,” said Msgr. Pick of the recognition. “St. Hedwig’s has always been a part of my life.”

Following a luncheon held in the parish hall after mass, Msgr. Pick took a few moments to speak to the Valley Gazette about his life and his work.

“I was born here, and I was baptized, confirmed, and went to school here,” shared Msgr. Pick with a smile.

In his youth in Barry’s Bay and St. Hedwig’s Parish, there was little doubt that Msgr. Pick would serve in the church. Indeed, the Monsignor didn’t hesitate in confirming this.

“That [service] was to be my calling,” he said. “I had that idea in my mind when I was in Grade 13.”

Though he had grown up in the Madawaska Valley, and his education was largely undertaken in the community of Barry’s Bay, he spent one year at St. Michael’s in Toronto during his Grade 13 studies. The idea soon became a reality, as Msgr. Pick studied theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto, starting in 1948.

Not long after, on April 27, 1955, Msgr. Pick was ordained. 

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