Mark Willmer becomes ninth candidate in MV election

BARRY’S BAY – A current Arnprior councillor is wrapping up his term and hoping to land a seat on Madawaska Valley council come October 27.

Mark Willmer was born and raised in Ottawa. He attended Ottawa University, where he studied recreation. For the next 20 or so years, he worked in the recreation department for the Town of Arnprior and then in the cultural/special events department for the City of Nepean.

He worked with many councils over those years.

 “I think that’s an important thing because you really learn how staff need to relate and the relationship between the two,” Willmer explained.

In the early 1980s, Willmer ran for and was elected as a councillor in Arnprior. He stayed on as a councillor, on and off, for 21 years. Willmer credits himself for being the only member of council to be re-elected in the 2010 municipal elections.

During his years on council, Willmer said he helped implement an extensive recycling program and build a new library in the town.

“It changed from a stagnant atmosphere to a very progressive community,” he said. 

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