Local woman realizes her dream

BARRY’S BAY – Originally a Rockingham native, Traci Cybulski is a few steps closer to fulfilling her dream of owning her own business.

Growing up in the area, and now living in Barry’s Bay, Cybulski always knew she wanted to stay close to her family, and she always loved hairdressing.
“I always knew I wanted to live near my family. Even when I started looking at going to school, I didn’t want to go to the city,” Cybulski said.
When Cybulski was looking for a hairstyling school close to home the Academy School of Hairstyling & Esthetics was opening in Pembroke, and she was one of their first students. Now a licensed hairstylist, Cybulski has been working with Wendy Shular, at Wendy’s Unisex Salon in Barry’s Bay, for the past seven years. Cybulski started out working in Killaloe, and after getting married and purchasing a home in Barry’s Bay, she was looking for something closer to home at the same time that Shular was looking for an employee.
“I had always heard about Wendy’s from my friends in high school, but I had never been in the shop myself. But, I knew that when I was looking for a job, Wendy’s was somewhere I definitely wanted to try. I applied and never thought anything would come from it. But, I am so grateful that Wendy took a chance on me without having a whole lot of experience.”
Now that employer/employee relationship is changing, to reflect where the women presently are at in their lives. Shular will be stepping back from running the business end of the salon while still doing what she loves – hairdressing.
“I love hairdressing but I don’t want the responsibility of running a business anymore. Traci is ready for the responsibility,” Shular said.
Realizing that she no longer wanted to be a business owner after 22 years, two years ago Shular sold the building she is currently operating out of, and continued on as a tenant. Through their everyday discussions, Cybulski mentioned that someday she wanted to go out on her own, but never wanted to leave Wendy’s. Now Cybulski will be able to be her own boss and still work side by side with her mentor.
“I really think that Wendy has built me up to be the hairdresser I am today,” Cybulski shared.
“We really work well as a team, and now we are just reversing our roles,” Shular added.
When asked about their experiences working in the community both Shular and Cybulski kept coming back to the incredible support they have received. Shular said she likes the personal touch of living and working in a community where she can walk to the mail, and always run into someone she knows who is looking for an appointment, or just to catch up. It wasn’t always that way for her though.Story continues in the January 30, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.