Local man launches forestry sign campaign

BARRY’S BAY – When a conservation group who touted Algonquin Park logging as unsustainable disbanded, a local man decided to get the word out on the truths of local forestry practices.

Jeff Muzzi explained that, in the past, Algonquin Eco Watch put up billboards on Highway 60 and 17 that said Algonquin Park logging is not sustainable – Call your MPP.

Well, Eco Watch folded last fall,” Muzzi said.

According to the Algonquin Eco Watch website, the group has been “successful in some instances and have been disappointed in others.”

“After having provided scientific advice and conservation ideas for all of these years, it’s time to move on to other challenges,” the website said.

Muzzi received a suggestion from a local lumber company that suggested raffling off the opportunity to cut the signs down. Muzzi thought about it for a second and decided the forestry industry should counter that message and put up boards promoting the truths about logging.

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