Local gymnast finishes first in age group

BARRY’S BAY – It was a successful weekend at provincials for 11-year-old Emeric Etmanskie. Etmanskie participated in six events during the provincial gymnastics competition and finished first in the 11 and 12 age group for the vault. Those events were vault, rings, Parallel Bars, floor, pummel horse, and high bar. Etmanskie performs out of Xperience Gymnastics, in Pembroke. Etmanskie started out in gymnastics at age five. This was a sport that his sister took part in, and that was what made him want to give it a shot. “I would always watch her and go with her, then my mom put me in the rec or the pre-competitive to see how I liked it, then I liked it. Then Dmetri, my coach now, they do tryouts, kind of like hockey but for gymnastics and they picked two guys and I was one of them. And then it just went further on.” Dmetri Lely, is Etmanskie’s coach, Emeric’s mom, Anne said Dmetri, was thrilled with the performance of Emeric at provincials. “They train so much it is like family,” said Anne. For more pick up a copy of the April 18, paper.