Local collaboration with university on rural health and wellness

GOLDEN LAKE On October 24 about 60 people gathered in Golden Lake for a workshop on health and wellness organized by rural health researchers from Carleton University’s Department of Health Sciences.

Associate Professor Paul Peters said the intent of the workshop was to ask the question, ‘What makes a vibrant community?’

This includes health and wellness. It focused who has what kind of access to different kinds of healthcare in our region.

The geographic area of interest to the researchers is from Douglas up through the Madawaska Valley.

Eleven of Peters students were at the workshop. Some come from or are studying in parts of Australia, Venezuela, Sweden and Austria similar to our own. For example Maria Toura is a few hours from Caracas in Venezuela studying access to dental health. Eva-Lena is a psychologist from Storuman, Sweden. Most research sparsely populated areas relatively close to a large city. 

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