Local boy dominates in American archery shoot

BARRY’S BAY – A Grade 11 student from Madawaska Valley District High School came in first place at a prestigious 3D indoor archery shoot in America.

Barry’s Bay’s Ryan Luckovitch travelled to Rochester, New York just before the March break to compete in the three-day Winter Cam Classic. He competed in the 18 and under category against 29 competitors.

Out of the estimated 300-plus shooters who competed, only 32 Canadians were in attendance. Luckovitch was the only Canadian in his age category.

He has been to the competition twice in the past, but both times, Luckovitch had to shoot in the open category – or against the men. This year, however, with the addition of the newest age category, it meant a fairer playing field for him and the other shooters his age.

The first two days, Luckovitch shot his qualifying scores. He was seated in fifth place when he and the others in the top 16 moved on to the final shoot.

The final shoot consisted of four brackets of four shooters. Each archer was required to shoot three targets. Archers with the lowest score were eliminated, with the highest scoring shooters advancing to the next bracket.

By the end of the shoot, Luckovitch dominated his competition, and won first place in his age category.

“It wasn’t easy,” he admitted. 

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