Lions revel in Christmas spirit

Mark Jones

BARRY’S BAY Just before Christmas, the Madawaska Valley Lions Club were in a generous spirit. They handed out cheques to three different organizations.

The Lions gave a cheque for $3,000 to the St. Francis Memorial Health Foundation.

In accepting the cheque for the foundation was Erin Gienow.

“It’s amazing,” she said, adding that the funds would be added to the foundation’s Christmas campaign.

Gift of a Life Line is to help the hospital buy 15 new intravenous pumps at total cost of $75,000.

Dr. Jason Malinowski, Chief of Staff, for the St. Francis Memorial Hospital said the new pumps are used every day.

The new pumps have a screen displaying the history of use with that drug. The staff key in the appropriate dosage and the patients body weight and the pump regulates the appropriate flow.

They also have a lock out function which prevents too high a dosage. “It’s foolproof, really incredible,” Malinowski said.

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