Lions Clubs team up to purchase slit lamp for SFMH

BARRY’S BAY – Have you ever had sawdust in your eye? What about an eye infection?

Chances are, you have visited the emergency department at St. Francis Memorial Hospital and the physician used a slit lamp to evaluate your eye.

That slit lamp was purchased in 1985 and at that time, it was second hand. While it did its job, it was time for a replacement, hospital officials explained.

“It’s seen its day,” Director of Nursing Joan Kuiack said.

So, the Madawaska Valley Lions Club, Killaloe and Area Lions Club and Palmer Rapids and Area Lions Club joined forces and purchased a new one for the hospital. The unit cost $15,000 and each club is splitting the cost three ways.

“It’s so nice to have three groups come together,” St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation’s Executive Director Toni Lavigne-Conway said.

Eye health and eyesight is the Lions Club’s top priority. Madawaska Valley Lions Club President Greg Kelly coordinated the joint donation with the other clubs.

“They said yes right away,” he explained.

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