KPS kids Tennessee bound, but they need your help

KILLALOE – A group of children from Killaloe Public School are hoping to enter a global competition in Knoxville, Tennessee.

But they need the community’s help to get them there.

This past March, students travelled to two Destination Imagination (DI) events in Arnprior and Pickering.

DI events allow children to use their creativity by allowing them to come up with solutions to challenges.

KPS Grade 6/7 students Jackson Parker, Becca Jahoor, Emily Borutski, Amber Thibault and Luna Nordholt are dubbed the Green Growers. Patricia Stott is the supervising teacher for the group.

They competed in a new DI division called Brand Aid, which had them identity a problem in the community, problem solve a solution and then create a branding campaign including a performance, jingle, puzzle model and logo.

“We wanted to go further than just our school, we wanted to focus on the whole community,” Jahoor said.

For their entry, the KPS students focused on the food bank and the importance a community garden would play in a community like Killaloe.

“Lots of people don’t always have food,” Thibault said. “Or they don’t have enough money to buy food.”

The children learned that food bank clients do not always have access to healthy, fresh produce, and instead rely on processed canned goods to get them by.

The Green Growers also researched companion plants that could grow well together in the same garden.

As they put together their five-minute skit for the DI event, the students decided they wanted to go one step further and actually plant a community garden for those in need this summer. 

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