It’s never too late, says local business owner

ROUND LAKE CENTRE – When Jeff Stewart and Donna Sternbauer bought the convenience store and gas station in Round Lake 15 years ago, they immediately set about getting a licence to sell liquor and beer.

They have been working on their application through successive governments ever since.

On October 12, there was a ribbon cutting of the new liquor convenience outlet under the new government.

Stewart, who grew up on a dairy farm near Winchester, Ontario, and worked in the body trade, was attracted to this area for its beauty and the people.

The first thing the couple did on arriving was to ask their customers whether they wanted a liquor agency store in the village. They started a petition and collected 2,000 signatures. They sent their information off to the LCBO headquarters. Then they put in an application to the agency.

They were told that the LCBO was not adding any new outlets.

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