Hydro meetings held around the Valley

BARRY’S BAY – Enough is enough.

That was the consensus from two separate hydro meetings held in Madawaska and Round Lake Centre on March 29. 

More than 50 people in Madawaska and 100 more in Round Lake Centre gathered that day. Almost all brought with them their horror stories in dealing with the publically owned utility, Hydro One. 

Some people have not received a bill for months. Others said they could not afford to keep paying their bill. Even more were concerned about the escalating hydro prices. 

In Madawaska, South Algonquin Councillor Joe Florent hosted the evening. Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski also attended to field any questions residents might have.
Florent compared the hydro billing to a farmer selling pumpkins alongside the road.

 “Say a farmer had a wagon load of pumpkins at the end of the road that said $5 a pumpkin,” he began. 

But when a customer pays for the pumpkin, the farmer tacks on another dollar for the fertilizer needed to grow the pumpkins.

Another couple of dollars is then added to haul the pumpkins to the road. Add the cost to repair the road for transportation and taxes and the pumpkin costs a lot more than what is advertised. 

“All of a sudden your five dollar pumpkin is costing you $15,” Florent said. “That’s about the same as the hydro rates.”


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