HH council talks library board members and new CEO, ask for costs of OMB hearing

MAYNOOTH – It was a short but busy council meeting for the Municipality of Hastings Highlands on February 7.

The meeting started with the introduction of the new library board CEO. Rod Moffitt is a very recently retired teacher and vice-principal and will be stepping in to take over as the CEO.

Later in the meeting, the council discussed filling the two openings on the Hastings Highlands Public Library Board. The council received four applications from community members. Mayor Vivian Bloom started the discussion with a recommendation for the two people she felt should fill the vacant seats. She suggested Garfield McAdams and Valarie Loney. They would sit on the board for the remainder of this council term.

The discussion continued with a comment from Councillor Alex Walder.

“I am concerned that the other people on the list need to get an equal opportunity to be considered by this council,” said Walder. “I am not sure what the process for that would be if we were moving right into a vote.”

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