Hasting Highlands Municipal Fire Task Force has first meeting

MAYNOOTH – Members of the municipal government met with Fire Department personal and other members of the Hasting Highlands staff on August 20 for the first time to deal with the many issues surrounding fire service in the municipality as its official ‘Fire Task Force.’

The task force was created to make recommendations to the municipal council on the best ways to organize the town’s fire fighting resources.

Although the meeting was open to the public via YouTube, the members of the committee actually met in person in the council chambers in Maynooth, signaling the municipality’s formal entry into Phase 3 of post-Covid operations. This made for a much less confusing procedure as well as for a higher quality of audio in the broadcast to YouTube than has typically been the case with the township’s exclusively electronically-conducted meetings.
The mayor, councillors, Fire Chief Jason Post, and two district chiefs, Bryce Robinson and Jon Anderson, were in attendance.

Councillor Alex Walder was appointed as the chair of the committee and oversaw the roughly three hour preliminary discussion.

A series of letters were received by the committee, each one of which was concerned with the shuttering of the Lake St. Peter fire station. Although there has been no formal directive from the municipality about this, it had been mentioned in an earlier recommendation made to the council.

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