Growing herbs in winter

Staff Reporter

PALMER RAPIDS – Now that Ground Hog Day is behind us, spring is inevitable, eventually. In the meantime, there are still many plants that can be grown indoors during winter, and herbs are among several great options. You can keep them year-round on your windowsill, or move them outdoors in the summer.

Even if you do move them outside eventually, you may wish to keep them in containers so that they can be brought back indoors in the fall. There are many beautiful terracotta pots designed especially for herbs, and when plants are thriving in them, they make a beautiful addition to any
kitchen or patio.

Other containers may be less fancy, but they can be just as functional. Chances you have many items that could serve as growing pots for herbs. Clean yogurt or cottage cheese containers can easily be upcycled to serve as herb pots. Simply poke a few small holes in the bottom using a sharp knife or scissors. Place the lid under the bottom of the container to catch any excess water that that drains out through the holes.

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