Food bank launches grow-a-row

BARRY’S BAY – Local gardeners are being challenged to grow an extra row of produce for families in need.

The Madawaska Valley Food Bank is hoping to offer fresh, locally grown produce this year to its clients. Fruit and veggie donations are rare, as the food bank largely receives canned, non-perishable goods throughout the year.

Avid gardener and food bank volunteer Terry Newcombe hopes local green thumbs will keep the food bank in the back of their minds this summer.

“This year, we’re getting the word out early, so that we can reach the people who are starting from seeds indoors,” he explained. “The idea is to encourage our local gardeners to plant a little bit more of their favourite vegetables than usual, so that they can donate the harvest to the food bank.”

Even gardening newbies can take part by growing easy-to-grow vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, onions, peas and beans.

“Of course, any vegetables are acceptable,” he said.
As for people who want to help out, but do not have room in their gardens for another row, they can still contribute to the cause.  

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