Flood wreaks havoc at Covered Bridge Park

ROUND LAKE – The Sadecki family, who run the Covered Bridge Park just below the Tramore dam on the Bonnechere River, woke to a roar of water on April 19.

The river had risen up to the front of their house and a new overspill channel was created that coursed across their drive and flowed against the side of the building, undermining the foundations. In places along the drive, the water was waist-deep. 

Andrew and Dzidka Sadecki and their children Oleg, Emilia and Julia, have been operating the Covered Bridge Park since the fall of 2007.

The last big flood in the area was in 2008. Never has river water entered the house. They did not have a sump pump. Now, they have three sump pumps trying to keep pace with the fast flowing water seeping into their basement.

The Sadeckis started to call for help and tried to make sense of what was happening to them. Dzidka discovered her house is not insured for flooding. She phoned the town office in Killaloe.

Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards (KHR) Chief Building Officer Don Wrigglesworth and Building and Asset Management Officer Tyler Mask visited the Covered Bridge Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Works Superintendent Dean Holly arrived with a load of sand. Holly said though the floodwater was on private property, the township was doing what it could to help. In these exceptional circumstances, they delivered the sand to the property, he said. Usually, residents requiring sand bangs would be advised to pick them up at the municipal office, the fire halls and the works department.

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