First step in wireless expansion for Eganville

EGANVILLE  – Residents and businesses in the ‘Valley portion’ of Eganville will soon notice dramatically faster and more reliable wireless service.

That’s what Michael Coates of the Eganville and Area Community Development Group (EACDG) said last week in an interview with the Valley Gazette.

Coates said the wireless service speed in downtown Eganville is about to improve four fold, from 37.5 megabytes to 150 megabytes.

This improvement is the result of an economic development forum held by the County of Renfrew in Eganville in June this year. At the forum, Coates said, Professor Larry Smith from the University of Waterloo was talking about how important connectivity is to rural Canada.

“Smith did a great job of exciting everybody about the future of rural Canada and how broadband and mobile was going to be a big part of the future success of rural Canada,” Coates said.

The problem was, said Coates, as he was listening to Smith speak at the Eganville arena, Coates could not get a signal on his cell phone.

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