Fire questions answered by KHR council

KILLALOE – The March 3 regular council meeting for the Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards began with a response to an issue that came up two weeks prior at the last council meeting.

At that February 17 meeting,  Doug Murray of Round Lake Centre spoke as an unscheduled delegation before council members, explaining he had questions for Fire Chief Bob Gareau, which he had hoped to ask directly to the Fire Chief at that time.

Council made the decision to request that Murray submit his questions in written form, citing procedure as their reason for this decision. At the February 17 meeting, Mayor Janice Visneskie Moore had repeatedly stated that council would be addressed directly, not staff. She had also indicated to Murray that if he wished to submit his questions in written form, council would deliver them to Fire Chief Gareau, and his response would be relayed to Murray.

On March 3, Murray’s submitted letter was read during the council meeting, and consisted of 9 questions directly addressed to Chief Gareau. Each of these questions were directly answered in a letter from council, signed by Mayor Visneskie Moore. The letter was mailed out to Murray, and read out loud during the council meeting.

Murray explained that he was a 32 year veteran of the London Fire Department, and had come to council with these questions based on his “own personal concerns for the quality of firefighting in the area and of those on the Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards Fire Department for both their safety and mine in the event of a major fire.”

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