Family Life Christian Centre celebrates and remembers 10 years

BARRY’S BAY – In October of 2004, just before Thanksgiving, the Family Life Christian Centre held its first service at Sherwood Public School. Ten years later, they’re still going strong, and gathered at Madawaska Valley District High School on October 5 to celebrate and remember where it all began.
The service opened with music provided by the FLCC worship team of Paula Gulick, Brent and Wendy Dalgliesh, Terry Mask, Jason Malinowski, Jason DeRoche, Tracy Lorenzin and music director Jeanette Tubby.
The service was led by Pastor Richard Lorenzin and featured a number of testimonials from members of the congregation.
Debbie and Mark Robbins, along with their daughter Miranda, shared a few of their early memories of the church, and discussed the fantastic sense of community they experience week after week.
Dave, Faith and Skye Archer also shared a few memories.
“We really do love you all and we’re so grateful for the role you’ve played in our lives,” said Faith.
District Superintendent Craig Burton of the Pentecostal Assembly of Canada made the trip to Barry’s Bay to congratulate Pastor Richard and Tracy Lorenzin for their vision and leadership in developing the church into what it is today. 



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