Escape from Syria – from hell to heaven

BARRY’S BAY – Imagine jumping off a dark cliff, not know exactly where you will land, but trusting that you will be safe.

A family of recent arrivals has made just such a leap.

The Alshhadat family arrived from Syria on February 14. Father Ayman, mother Marah along with their 3 children, Emad (5), Sedrat (3), and Mays (18mos) landed in Ottawa, to a cold blast of artic air with their hearts warmed by hugs, smiles, tears of joy, and happy greetings.

Ayman, whose parents live in Ottawa, was so happy to see his mother that, upon his arrival, he knelt down and kissed her feet. Tears of joy streamed down many faces. Elate everyone thankful that the family had finally made it this far.

There is a video on Facebook showing Ayman’s arrival, which he showed me with pride. The joy was palpable.

“I love my mum very, very much,” beamed Ayman.

For three years, the Madawaska Valley Friends of New Canadians, through the Anglican diocese of Ottawa, worked tirelessly, wading through the mounds of government paper work, to realize their collective dream of bringing a young family to Canada for a better life.