Didn’t learn about taxes in school? We’ve got you covered

(NC) If you didn’t learn about how to do your taxes in school, paying a professional to do them can get expensive. So why not take things into your own hands and learn to file on your own?

Today, doing your own taxes is easier than ever before. That image you have in your head of meticulously going through lines and lines of numbers with a pencil and calculator is a thing of the past. Now, you can do your taxes online using software that does all the math for you.

If you have a simple tax situation, filing could take as little as a few minutes. You can find several tax software programs, some of which are free, on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

The CRA also has free online resources where you can teach yourself at your own pace. There are even resources for teachers who want to give their students a head start by teaching them about taxes.

If you don’t have time to learn about taxes, or don’t feel comfortable filing on your own just yet, you can take advantage of free tax clinics available across Canada where volunteers complete your tax returns for you. To see if you’re eligible or to find one in your area, go to canada.ca/taxes-help.

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