Dairy Freez celebrates one year of new ownership, surprises to come

Olivia Joerges
Staff Reporter

Barry’s Bay — When Angie Jessup bought the Dairy Freez in April 2022, she had no idea how busy the summer season would be. Now, celebrating her official one-year of operating the business, she’s excited to keep engaging with the community and expanding Dairy Freez services.

“We’ve been here for a year now,” Jessup said. “A lot of people come here as families, it’s generational, so it’s really neat.”

With over 30 years of experience serving in bars and restaurants, she has enjoyed transitioning to a different pace that comes with running an ice cream shop and grill.

“I was always a waitress—bars though—and I just said, the best money makers are ice cream and liquor, so let’s go with the ice cream because I love kids.”

During the first year, Jessup was surprised and delighted by how busy the Dairy Freez was during the summer months and is looking forward to tackling the coming season with more preparation and zeal.

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