Council-in-committee briefs from April 2

BARRY’S BAY – Three delegations led the Madawaska Valley council-in-committee met on the morning of April 2.

Madawaska Valley Mayor Kim Love was not in attendance due to the death of her father. Committee members expressed their condolences before allowing David Shulist to take over as chair of the meeting.

First up was Patricia Scott, who spoke to the committee about the possibility of  allowing tiny homes within the township. She noted that bylaws in South Algonquin Township and the Municipality of Hastings Highlands both allow for tiny homes, and that she has received numerous requests for tiny homes located in MV. Committee seemed to be in favour of the idea, but no firm decision was made.

Afterward, Barry Conway approached committee as the second delegation of the day. He was representing the Station Keepers, a group that is hoping to revitalize the railway station. He said the group hopes to breathe life back into the facility, including the addition of clubs, and the celebration of upcoming anniversaries (including the 125th anniversary of the first schoolhouse in the area, as well as the railroad’s 125th anniversary.) A Memorandum of Understanding was later presented for discussion.

Finally, a resident along Old Barry’s Bay Road asked council to reconsider keeping the road’s speed limit at 80 kilometres an hour; and instead decrease it to 60 kilometres an hour.

For more information on all of these stories, look for detailed reports in the April 10 paper.