Contamination report warns neighbouring properties could be affected

BARRY’S BAY – An environmental report on the former Shell gas station property, now owned by the Township of Madawaska Valley, is warning there is a potential for offsite contamination. 
The township has been cleaning up the property after soil contamination was detected. The 50-plus year old onsite building was demolished after contamination was found at the foundation.  
The 14-page report was submitted to the roads, property and planning committee on October 23 by Geo-Logic of Pembroke, who was hired for the contamination testing. 
“Based on our observations and chemical testing results to date, there is a potential for offsite impact along the western property boundary,” Geo-Logic’s report concluded. “It is recommended that a subsurface exploration program be conducted on the neighbouring residential property and monitoring wells installed to evaluate potential impacts.”
A plan outlining the process will be developed and presented to the municipality. The Ministry of Environment will also be consulted for comments and input prior to finalizing the plan. 
Chair Bob Kulas had several concerns about the report presented. 
“Having read through it, I found a great number of errors in location,” Kulas said. 
He suggested sending the report back to Geo-Logic and tell the company to correct the errors. 
“They are referring to the property to the south of the building and calling it north in the report,” Kulas said. “They are referring to the western boundary to put test holes there and they have never come close to the western boundary. So I think perhaps it should be sent back.”
Operations Manager Hilary Kutchkoskie said Geo-Logic is aware of the errors and are correcting them. 
 “It wouldn’t have been bad if there was one [error] but it was continuous throughout the report,” Kulas said. 
The committee agreed to send it back, but the issue of potentially affected neighbouring properties was not discussed.