Clara’s Rib author visits the Valley


BARRY’S BAY – An Ottawa author who has been recognized by the Canadian Lung Association visited the area on June 14.

Anne Raina has three published books, including one called Clara’s Rib. Raina was born in Ottawa but moved to Kemptville when she was three years old. She was raised by her parents on a farm with nine older siblings.

Ever since she learned the alphabet, she’s been writing.

“To me the most exciting thing was my first day of school and seeing all the letters of the alphabet across the top of the blackboard,” she said. “That stayed with me all my life. I thought that was so exciting.”

She grew up reading the classics – Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys – and a cross section of adventure stories, poetry and non-fiction.

Although she has had numerous articles published in magazines and newspapers, she published her first book – Clara’s Rib – in 2010.

“My father and seven of my brothers and sisters spent years in the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium in Ottawa for the treatment of tuberculosis in the 30s, 40s and 50s before the days of the wonder drugs,” Raina explained.

Tuberculosis (TB) was one of the most common infectious diseases of the 20th century. 

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